Popularly known as the king of sports betting, Football Betting established its might as one of the best thanks for the wide range of matches it gives to punters all over the world with several online bookmakers and local bookies going on a competition.

Thanks to its wide range of availability of matches, there are several thousands of punters currently placing bets on football, with different predictions or outcomes of a particular in hopes to beat their bookies. So how does the football betting market works?

How Betting works

A football match, as we all know, can be sometimes predictable and sometimes unbelievable, and to help punters place bets on a match, bookies offer odds to them. These odds are always offered by betting on football, help the bettors see the probability of a likely outcome happening at the end of the 90-minute mark and also their potential winnings after the stake. Depending on the bookies’ website you’re using, the odds are sometimes displayed infractions like 2/1 and most times in decimals 2.00. For example, placing a £1 stake on a match with an odd set at 2/1 will see you take home £2 when you win the bet.

How Football Betting works

With the wide varieties of football matches being played all over the world, there are several online markets to place your respective bets on regardless of what match you wish to place the bets. As they are duty-bound to do, bookmakers release odds on their websites that help to predict the possible outcome of a football game, the odds can cover outcomes like correct score, the number of scores, a win, draw, loss, first goal scorer, etc.

To bring in more punters to place bets with them, several online bookies will offer you interesting special offers and competitive odds to keep a tight hold on you. And after placing the odds with the specific outcome you want, you’ll be able to claim your winnings only when the football game ended exactly what you predicted on your bet slip. For example, you can place a bet on Chelsea to defeat Liverpool at Anfield, you can only win this bet when the 90-minutes match ends with only the Blues winning the match.

There are different types of ways you can bet on football. You might just want to predict something else apart from predicting the most popular three outcomes of a football match.

Match Betting

This is one of the most popular and simplest types of football betting as it mainly banks on you predicting one of the three popular possible outcomes of a match which is a win, draw, or loss. It is often represented with (1X2) on the bookies’ websites. Placing a (1) bet means you are banking on the home team to secure victory in the match while betting (2) means you’re predicting the away team will secure the victory at the end of the game and (X) is when you betting the whole 90-minutes match to end in a draw. This type of bet doesn’t cover an extra-time in a football match.

Half/Full-Time Football Betting

Another different way you can bet on football is betting. This is when you place a bet on the first half of the second half of a particular match. In this type of bet, you can bet on either the home team, a draw, or the away team, for each of the halves of the 90-minute match. This might as well just be a type of football betting for punters with a deep knowledge of football teams, as they will need to know how a team starts or ends their game, either starting weak or strong.

Asian Handicaps

This is another famous type of betting on football that sees you give a goal handicap to a favorite team – the team likely to win – in which they will have to win the match with a certain amount of goals scored depending on the goal handicap you predicted. For you to win this type of bet, that amount of goals has to be scored by the favorite team but if the match ends in a draw instead your stake will be returned to match. The type of football betting is mostly popular because of the high odds provided by the bookies.

This is just an introduction to betting on football, it is much wider than this. Whenever you want to place a bet on a football match, the first thing you should do is make a thorough research on the teams about to face each other, gather information like team news, injuries, head to head, etc, and remember to keep a clear head. This will help you increase your winning percentage.