Chelsea could be set to create one of the announcement signings of the summer.

The Turin juggernauts are thought to be open to the concept of parting ways their midfield maestro so as to raise funds to enhance different areas of their group.

In accordance with Calciomercato, Pjanić would cost a minimum of 55million. A one time Manchester United transfer goal, the 29-year-old is not a part of Maurizio Sarri’s preferred midfield unit.

Additionally, there are reports asserting the Serie A leaders are happy to reunite Sarri with Jorginho.

At times he’s flawless in the middle third. But there are times when he looks like a fish out of water, usually when confronted with powerful opponents. With N’Golo Kanté missing large parts of the year through injury, now may be the time for the Blues to refresh their midfield alternatives.

He is heavily involved in how Juventus function, trying the fourth-most moves in Serie A this year. He is true with the ball, also, finding a team-mate near 90 percent of the time.

Nearly a third of Pjanić’s tried moves come in the last third and, despite being under pressure in this section of the pitch, he completes 81 percent of the 21.92 he tries per 90.

The picture above shows Pjanić plays most of his moves from a place usually associated with an attacking midfielder. The second-highest volume comes from the left and near that in the defensive midfield area. This shows that the Bianconeri No.5 is in the heart of most things his side does.

What’s often overlooked when estimating a passing maestro such as Pjanić is how many touches they take per pass. Most teams need their lawmakers to maintain the pace high. Ensuring the difference between bits and moves is minimal is essential, therefore.

The Bosnia international attempts a pass with 83 percent of his touches. He plays 34 percent of his tried passes forward, also, showing just how advanced he could be in the middle third for Juventus.

All that said, Pjanić is not creative in the conventional sense. He provides just 1.4 opportunities (per 90) and his anticipated open-play goals assisted average is 0.06 per 90. That is nothing remarkable and those characters pale in comparison to those posted by Kevin De Bruyne, for instance. Considered the finest in the Premier League, the Belgian creates over just four opportunities per 90 and has an expected assists with an average of 0.40.

However, Pjanić is not exactly the same type of midfielder. So judging him by De Bruyne’s criteria is naïve and unfair. He is the pass before the help. The guy who ensures the ideal players get the ball in dangerous locations.