Despite playing a huge role in the Blues beginning line-up this year, the Brazilian as it stands will be a free agent come June.

Willian has hinted he’ll look to locate another London-based club to play if he and Chelsea don’t consent to a contract extension, as he’s desperate to stay in the English capital for family reasons.

Brazil winger Willian continues to be at Chelsea because 2013, when he joined from Russian team Anzhi Makhachkala, and he’s been a first-team routine for almost all of his time at Stamford Bridge.

Willian has played in all but one of Chelsea’s 26 Premier League matches this period, despite becoming a target for criticism from several fans, with Frank Lampard apparently trusting of the 31-year-old.

He claimed in December that contract talks have taken place regarding an extension beyond the end of the year, but with an agreement yet to be verified, doubt remains about his future, especially after Chelsea agreed a deal to bring Ajax’s Hakim Ziyech to the club in July.

While Willian appears set on staying at Chelsea, he’s also adamant about a desire to stay in London, possibly offering hope to other clubs in the region should he finally depart.

Composing in a column for The Players’ Tribune, Willian explained:”I’ve played for Chelsea for at least six decades now, and I can honestly say that I am quite happy here.

“If you ask my wife if she needs to leave London, she will say no. My daughters feel the exact same way. Needless to say, Brazil is Brazil, right? It is our home, our civilization. We always feel good when we go there on vacation and see family and friends, but London is my second home.

“In actuality, I recently passed a British citizenship test. Man, it was hard. It’s British background in a nutshell. Some questions are so difficult that not even some of my British friends knew the answers!

“As it turned out, I failed on my first two attempts, but got it on the third. I’m now a British citizen!

“So, London is where I wish to remain. This is where I have my family, my church. I would like my daughters to grow up here.”