Tottenham supported that a police and team investigation has uncovered no evidence of abuse directed at the Antonio Rudiger of Chelsea. The German defender whined he was subjected to monkey chants in his side’s 2-0 win at Spurs on December 22. The game was stopped and statements made over the public address system to frighten fans, “Racist behavior among audiences is interfering with the match”. Spurs responded starting a complete investigation.

More than a couple of weeks no proof was shown to corroborate or contradict the claim of Rudiger. “We carried out comprehensive reviews of CCTV footage and images, working together with specialist lip readers. All reports and materials have also been reviewed from the authorities who have completed their own analysis,” Tottenham mentioned in a statement.

“The authorities have told us now that, having examined and researched, they’ve closed the offense record since they may find no evidence to support the allegation of racial abuse. “We completely support Antonio Rudiger together with all the actions he took – but there’s absolutely no proof to corroborate or contradict the allegation and as such neither ourselves nor the authorities are in a position to take any additional action,” Tottenham added would have been given a life ban.

Chelsea stressed the significance of gamers not being frightened to report racism and reiterated their support. “We encourage Toni Rudiger completely and unequivocally with this particular matter, and since Tottenham’s announcement makes clear, a lack of proof doesn’t signify an incident didn’t occur,” stated a spokesperson for Chelsea.

“In responding to the event, we have to be quite careful concerning the climate we make for gamers that encounter and report civic behaviour.

“It’s extremely important that people continue to promote all players, whatever top they use, to report racist abuse without any fear of uncertainty or reprisal.”